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Team and Credits

Current Active Team

Michael Pope Lead Developer
Project Admin
Sebastian Z. Developer
GUI Specialist
Caleb Williams Jr. Developer
Javadoc Writer
Developers Emeriti
Stian Grenborgen Project Admin/Developer
Pedro Rodrigues Project Admin/Developer
Michael Vehrs Project Admin/Developer
Lars Willemsens Project Admin/Developer
(Project Founder)
Each one of these contributors gave massive amounts of time, energy, knowledge and skill to FreeCol. Though they may not actively contribute to FreeCol, theirs is the foundation on which the current iteration of FreeCol rests.
No current contributors.
Music and Graphics:
No current contributors.
Niklas Laxström Translation Coordinator, Finnish Translator
FreeCol receives translation contributions directly from the users at Translatewiki.net. Information on individual contributors to the Translatewiki.net translations can be found at the link above.

Past Team Members (alphabetically)

Andreas Bartels Developer
Erik Bergersjö Developer
This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Developer
Sergio Cambra Developer
Chris Dagnon Developer
Ryan Richard Faith Developer
Marc Gimpel Developer
Pietro Giorgianni Developer
Helge Grenborgen Analysis
Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson Developer
Bryce Harrington Developer
Tim Hilden Developer, C/C++
Gordon Hollenbeck Developer
Yves Jacoby Developer
Elias Jarlebring Developer, C/C++
David King Developer
Jean Lepropre Developer
Steven Melenchuk Developer
Alcides Carlos de Moraes Neto Developer
Paul Müller Developer, C/C++
Christopher Oezbek Developer, Test Guru
Markus Schmaus Developer
Olivier Schmitt Developer
Neil Stockbridge Developer
Geoffrey Verdouw Developer
Julien Viala Developer
Gregor Zeitlinger Developer
Doruk Fisek Content Writer
Richard Roy Content Writer
Jørgen Vasshaug Documentation Writer
Music and Graphics:
Ivica Ico Bukvic Music Composer
Stephen Echavia Graphics Designer
Robin Hanquier Graphics Designer
Ewe Leong Kooi Graphics Designer
Victor Marin Vaya Graphics Designer
Tiago Aquino Brazilian Portuguese Translator
Susanna BjörverudSwedish Translator
Peter Budts Flemish Translator
Cyber_jocky Dutch Translator
Oursinou Desman French Translator
Martin Eder German Translator
eolthedarkelf German Translator
Simon Fekete French Translator
Carsten Grohmann German Translator
Fulup Jakez Breton Translator
marcsi Hungarian Translator
Alberto Mazza Italian Translator
Jorge Pérez Spanish Translator
Naveen Venugopal Tamil Translator

Contributors (alphabetically)

Armin Bruckhoff German Translator
Matthew B. O'Connor Developer, C/C++
David Developer
Elder Statesman Tester
Simon Fekete Developer
Vincenzo Giordano Packager
Pascal Gourdel Tester
William Hunt Graphics Designer
Johnathan James Developer
Peter Lohmann Web Developer
Lone_Wolf Col1 compatibility checker; Tester
Marcin Place and Unit names
Mika Miettinen Developer
Robert Nienhaus Developer
Michael Petrov Developer
Ryan Roos Developer
Denise Sande Developer
Marit Sandstad Developer
sebturku Developer
Eliot H. Stone Developer
Jorge Vargas Developer
Frederic Vernier Developer
Michael Vogt Developer
Peter S. Developer

Educational Institution Contributors

A group of students from Carnegie Mellon University
Led by instructor Dong Kim, Fall 2016
Brian Kim, Louise Zhang, Seongmin Park and Michael Jeffers


Other Contributions

  • Thanks to Paul Lloyd for allowing us to use his fonts.
  • Some background images and illustrations have been taken from The David Rumsey Map Collection.
  • The original unit order button graphics were made by FreeCiv-SDL developers: Michael Speck, Rafal Bursig, Adam Szwajnoch and Jukka Liukkonen.
  • TinyXML (a C++ XML parser) was written by Lee Thomason and can be found at: http://www.grinninglizard.com/tinyxml/. It was used by FreeCol 0.1.0.
  • Terrain graphics for FreeCol 0.1.0 were made by Tim Smith and can be found at: http://geocities.com/yoohootim/hires.htm
  • Martin Willemoes Hansen contributed patches to make the C++ server compile on more systems