The roadmap below is long out of date and retained for historical interest.

This is a good place though to answer the following FAQ:

Q. When is the next release coming out?

A. This question is discussed on the freecol-developers mailing list.  Anyone who wants a detailed understanding of the current issues in FreeCol is more than welcome to subscribe (see /community.html). The list is low volume, and nicely illustrates that the real answer to this question is almost always `No one knows'.

Q. No, really, surely you have some sort of plan/roadmap/release schedule?

A. Not really. FreeCol is developed for fun, by a small group of volunteer contributors, at least some of which find the idea of a formal release schedule in a small volunteer project laughably impractical and/or not fun.

Q. Well, alright, can you at least tell us what will be in the next release?

  • A1. Bug fixes.
  • A2. Read the mailing list and you will know what we have been discussing.
  • A3. Follow freecol-commits and you will know what we have actually done.
  • A4. `Whatever catches the various developer's interest'
0.8.0 -----  Objective: Make the game easier to modify 
Release:   Released, January 14th 
 - Allow the game to be customized using XML-files.
 - Units now slide between tiles while moving.
 - New terrain graphics.
 - Menu music added.
 - Sound effects for dragoons, artillery capturing a colony, building complete, church and blacksmith.
 - New sound effects for artillery and buying/selling goods.
 - Short music clips for Aztecs and fountain of Youth.
 - Named regions and nicer placement of native settlements.
 - New nations added: Portuguese, Swedish, Danish and Russian 
 - Games with up to eight European players are now supported. More information:
0.9.0 -----  Objective: Improve graphics and audio
 - New background images, borders and buttons.
 - Implement feature requests from our users.
 - Unit combat animations. 
 - Add more sound effects and music.
 - Opening movie.
0.10.0 ------  Objective: Improve the computer players  
 - Add personalities and better strategy to computer opponents. 
 - Add features for admin (kick player, restart game etc.)   
0.11.0 ------  Objective: Campaigns and scenarios 
 - Support triggers and events for scenario development. 
 - Extend the map editor to support scenarios. 
 - Backward compatibility for savegames will be assured after this release.
 - Create a few scenarios.   
0.12.0 ------  Objective: Improve gameplay  
 - Implement feature requests from our community. 
 - Balance the advantages of the different nations.
 - Create some campaigns. 
- Improve AI.  
0.13.0 ------  Objective: Easier customization of the game. 
 - Extend the map editor and create editors for units and terrain. 
 - Add other features simplifying modding.  
0.14.0 ------  Objective: Improve graphics and audio 
 - Add more sound effects. 
 - Add skins for the colony panel and the Europe panel.   
1.0.0 -----  Objective: The final polish :-)  
 - Add the remaining sfx and music.
 - Use more illustrations and background images. 
Last Updated ( Friday, 11 January 2013 )