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Thursday, 15 January 2009

Version 0.8.0 of FreeCol has now been released.

The largest change introduced by this release is the ability to define gameplay mechanics using XML-files. You can easily change the rules you don't like or create a different game similar to FreeCol. Take a look at the chapter Changing the Rules in our user manual if you would like to know more.

Other changes include:
  • Units now slide between tiles while moving.
  • New terrain graphics.
  • Menu music added.
  • Sound effects for dragoons, artillery capturing a colony, building complete, church and blacksmith.
  • New sound effects for artillery and buying/selling goods.
  • Short music clips for Aztecs and fountain of Youth.
  • Named regions and nicer placement of native settlements.
  • New nations added: Portuguese, Swedish, Danish and Russian
  • Games with up to eight European players are now supported.
  • A lot more new features and bugfixes.

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