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Monday, 05 September 2011
We have just released FreeCol 0.10.2:
  • Player colonies no longer greedily claim all the available land, allowing more control of native alarm.
  • A new option (enabled in classic mode) for the REF to arrive immediately at its first target, as it did in Col1.
  • Selection of destination when leaving Europe.
  • A new starting position option.
  • Better error reporting when a unit can not be added to a work location for some reason.
  • A new mod implementing a "Plant Forest" tile improvement.
  • A new "enhanced missionaries" option, that improves trade prices, training, and provides visibility of the tiles around the mission.
  • A new option to allow founding father recruitment to continue post-independence.
  • Many bugs fixed, including the frequently reported problems with unit destinations/trade routes, some trading exploits, and the signature on the declaration of independence works again.
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