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  Link   Development Site
Our development site at SourceForge.net.
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  Link   Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization
The official re-imagining of Colonization, released in 2008.
  Link   Unofficial Colonization Home Page
A site dedicated to Colonization.
Colonization Clones
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  Link   The New World
A project aimed at making a real-time strategy version of Colonization.
  Link   Open Colonization
The project seem to have halted right after they launched their website in 2004.
  Link   NewCol
From their website: "The goal of this project is to let students learn computer science and C language in a funny motivating project."
  Link   Free Conquest & Colonization of America
A project using C and Ruby.
  Link   jColonization
Another clone that doesn't seem to have produced anything beyond a website and some screenshots. Neither code nor binaries have been published, making it likely that the screenshots are just mockups.
  Link   Colonization too
Using C++ this project was redesigning the game while implementing it. The project has unfortunately died.
Related Games
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  Link   FreeCiv
An Open Source implementation of Civilization.
  Link   The Battle for Wesnoth
A turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.