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Subversion Usage
FreeCol no longer uses Subversion. For the latest documentation on compiling FreeCol, please see our Git Repository. This information is retained for historical reference.

Subversion is the tool we use for storing our source code in a central location. This system allows everyone to have their own copy of the source code. You can read more about Subversion at Wikipedia.

If you just wish to take a quick look at the the Subversion repository, you may use the web-based interface: Browse Subversion Repository.

Development branches

We are often developing two versions of FreeCol at the same time: the main/trunk version and a stable branch. The former will be released as FreeCol x.0 and will probably be buggy for some time, while the latter is used for creating stable releases. At other times however only the trunk is being worked on.

Read more on the Subversion Repository Layout

Get the latest development version

The stability of the trunk might be poor, but is recommended for users who are comfortable with Java development and who would like to test new features and report bugs. If more stability is desired, it is usually better to work from the current release.

You need a Subversion client in order to get the development version of the game.

Main version: https://svn.freecol.org/svnroot/freecol/freecol/trunk
Current release: https://svn.freecol.org/svnroot/freecol/freecol/tags/<release>

This is how you can get the versions using command-line subversion (refer to the application's documentation otherwise):


Getting the main version:
# svn co https://svn.freecol.org/svnroot/freecol/freecol/trunk freecol

Getting the 0.10.5 release:
# svn co https://svn.freecol.org/svnroot/freecol/freecol/tags/0.10.5 freecol

The hash (#) represents your command-line prompt - don't include it :-)

In order to compile the game you will need a Java Virtual Machine version 1.8 or higher from Sun or OpenJDK and a recent version of Ant.

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